OEM GM Front Masks

"Front mask" is a term that might seem rather generic. In the world of GM cars and trucks, for a front end, they're called exterior covers. Of course, front-end covers have lots of other names, too. They range from front-end bra and car bra to hood mask and car mask. So, what is a front-end cover? As you may have figured out, it's a type of car cover. The difference between an everyday exterior car cover and one for a front end only, however, is that the latter protects a front bumper, hood, and fender sides only. And what are front-end covers made of? Usually, vinyl, since it's rugged and you don't have to remove it when it gets wet. They can be made of just about anything else, though. Whatever that may be, its inside surface is frequently soft-lined to keep from scratching your car body.

What Kinds of Front-End Covers Can I Buy?

They come in a few basic variants: full, sport, and T-style. Full front-end covers span much of the length and width of a vehicle's hood. Sport front-end covers are a bit smaller, showing off a little more of a model's looks. T-style front-end covers are made primarily for SUVs, trucks, and similar body styles. There's even another variation on the theme: clear front-end covers, which are transparent films that stick on and can cover and protect an entire vehicle body. Planning an upgrade? You can order genuine OEM front-end covers online, right here at our auto parts store. Whatever GM model you drive, the one you get will come made to fit your make and model best. Buy now and save!

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